Penobscot County Felony Search (Maine)

Penobscot County Police Departments are local law enforcement agencies in Penobscot County, Maine that keep the peace and maintain public order. As part of this job, Penobscot County Police conduct investigations, stop crimes, and make felony arrests. The Police maintain records on all the individuals they investigate and arrest, including those who are accused of committing a felony. These public criminal records provide information about people suspected of committing felonies or those who have been convicted of felonies, including personal information, all police arrests, criminal and civil charges, and any incarcerations. Penobscot County felony records are an important part of conducting a background check because they show an individual's criminal history. Penobscot County Police Departments may provide online access to their felony records.

Bangor Police Department Bangor ME 240 Main Street 04401 207-947-7382

Brewer Police Department Brewer ME 151 Parkway South 04412 207-989-7004

Dexter Police Department Dexter ME 1 Main Street 04930 207-924-7351

East Millinocket Police Department East Millinocket ME 125 Main Street 04430 207-746-3556

Hampden Police Department Hampden ME 106 Western Avenue 04444 207-862-4000

Hermon Police Department Hermon ME 333 Billings Road 04401 207-947-4585

Lincoln Police Department Lincoln ME 1 Adams Street 04457 207-794-8455

Maine State Police Troop E Orono ME 240 Main Street 04473 207-866-2122

Millinocket Police Department Millinocket ME 197 Penobscot Avenue 04462 207-723-9731

Milo Police Department Old Town ME 6 River Street 04468 207-943-2522

Newport Police Department Newport ME 21 Water Street 04953 207-368-3263

Old Town Police Department Old Town ME 150 Brunswick Street 04468 207-827-6358

Orono Police Department Orono ME 63 Main Street 04473 207-866-4000

Orrington Police Department Orrington ME 255 Center Drive 04474 207-825-4178

University Of Maine Department Of Public Safety Orono ME Rangeley Road 04473 207-581-4040

Veazie Police Department Veazie ME 1084 Main Street 04401 207-947-2358

Penobscot County Courts resolve legal disputes in Penobscot County, Maine at the federal, state, or local level, including felony cases. Courts maintain records on all of their Penobscot County felony cases, including manslaughter, homicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, drug charges, and vehicular homicide. These felony court records include the accused individual's name, date of birth, aliases, and the specific felony charges, as well as the trial, witness testimony, and evidence. Penobscot County Court records also list the outcome of the trial, including acquittal, conviction, sentencing, and any incarcerations. Looking up felony records provides important information on an individual's criminal history, making it part of a thorough Penobscot County background check. Many Courts provide online access to their felony records.

Bangor District Court Bangor ME 78 Exchange Street 04401 207-561-2300

Lincoln District Court Lincoln ME 52 Main Street 04457 207-794-8512

Millinocket District Court Millinocket ME 207 Penobscot Avenue 04462 207-723-4786

Newport District Court Newport ME 12 Water Street 04953 207-368-5778

Penobscot County Superior Court Bangor ME 78 Exchange Street 04401 207-561-2300

Penobscot County District Attorney Offices prosecute cases on behalf of the Penobscot County, Maine public, which includes felony crimes, and they maintain records on these cases. Penobscot County felony records list the defendant's name, date of birth, any aliases, and the felony charges. These can include domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, and drug charges, and felony records often include trial records, trial testimony, and any convictions, sentences, plea bargains, or incarcerations, as well as the location of felony incarceration. District Attorney records make up an important piece in an individual's Penobscot County criminal history, and performing a felony search is a key step in conducting a background check. The Penobscot County District Attorney Office may provide online access to their felony records.

Penobscot County District Attorney Bangor ME 97 Hammond Street 04401 207-942-8552

Penobscot County Sheriff Departments are law enforcement agencies in Penobscot County, Maine that operate at the county or local level, and they protect the community by investigating crimes, making arrests, and assisting in the prosecution of Penobscot County felony charges. The Sheriff Department maintains records on all arrests and investigations, including for felony charges. These records contain personal information about felons and suspected felons, as well as their complete criminal history, all arrests or jail bookings, and any incarcerations. Felony records are part of an individual's Penobscot County criminal history, making them an important part of performing a background check. Sheriff Departments may provide online access to their felony records.

Penobscot County Sheriffs Department / Penobscot County Jail Bangor ME 85 Hammond Street 04401 207-947-4585